6 Operators With 38 Gambling Sites Suspended By The Spelinspektionen

The regulation of gambling in Sweden is increasingly the subject of strong enforcement measures. The Spelinspektionen proceeded with the outright suspension of 38 gambling platforms belonging to 6 different companies. 2 other operators received warnings after a judgment of the Swedish administrative court. It also confirmed the fines imposed by the regulator.

6 suspended operators

The Swedish gambling regulator, the Spelinspektionen, has taken a strong act which follows its policy of combating illegal gambling. It has been several days since the Swedish regulator announced the toughening of its policy to combat illegal online gambling operators. Indeed, a whole new strategy has been developed for these unscrupulous operators. To this end, the Spelinspektionen has revealed that one of its priorities is the reorganization of the gambling industry sector in the country. The first effects resulting from this orientation were not long in coming.

This is what pushes the regulator to publish the lists of illegal operators. A few days ago, the regulator suspended 6 gambling companies. It’s not just about businesses. The regulator has taken the trouble to list the platforms that these companies own.

2 other operators are under warning

The Spelinspektionen thus banned 38 gambling platforms in Sweden. The list is likely to grow in the coming days. Indeed, the Swedish administrative court sent a warning to two well-known structures: AG Communications Ltd, and Genesis Global. These two players are accused of disregarding the lists of players under voluntary exclusion, while the list is clearly visible on the spelspaus site.

In a judgment rendered by the said administrative court, the judicial authority clearly notes that consultation of the spelspaus site is imperative for gambling operators. She affirms that it is the duty of the regulator Spelinspektionen to sanction the operators who will have put themselves on the fringes of the law.

  • She thus agreed with the Swedish national regulator. The administrative court also affirmed that the regulator had done well to calculate the fine according to the figures of the offending companies. The course of the regulator for the improvement of gambling in the country will therefore apparently not be disturbed by the justice system.

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