Possible Change In Card Games Rules Anger In California

The California Bureau of Gambling Control has written a statement that touches on certain rules related to card games. It is expected that players will now have to change seat or role (croupier-banker) after 2 rounds (or turns), and no longer every hour as is generally the case on a gaming table. This future measure receives d ‘elsewhere the support of the Ministry of Justice. Even if the measure will be the subject of consultation until December 18, 2019, the California Gaming Association, bringing together 72 operators, is already expressing its fears and its wish for a status quo.

Now it’s after two rounds, otherwise the game stops

Card arcades have expressed their displeasure to the California state authority over possible new regulations. Indeed, these gambling operators believe that the measures in the process of being adopted are unsuitable for the development of the industry and the economy of the State.

The measures referred to here were communicated a few days ago. They come from the local regulator, the California Bureau of Gambling Control, for short (BGC). This authority has sent a communication announcing changes in the field of regulation of card games in the State of California.

Clearly, the Californian regulator of games of chance published a paper which touches on a rule relating to the role of the “banker”, also called “the house”. Until a few days ago, in card games, “the banker” was just a job. The rule was that, every hour, the players present at a table must move forward one seat. This gives the possibility to all the players to take the place of the croupier, each in turn. But obviously, this way of doing things is on the way to being forgotten.

In the publication of the Bureau of Gambling Control of the State of California, a proposition emerges that is even clearer. The BGC thus proposes that all the players alternate as usual, but this time, after two rounds (or turns), and no longer after every hour. The same rule provides that the player who refuses to be a banker will simply be excluded from the game. It also provides that, if none of the players on the table agrees to be a banker, the end of the game is consecrated.

A measure that receives the support of the Ministry of Justice

The California Bureau of Gambling Control is making these proposals after receiving feedback from the field. Indeed, the BGC claimed to have conducted interviews during which complaints related to card games were identified. In addition, the Ministry of Justice encourages this initiative because it is interested in the opinion of the public. The ministry also wants to find solutions in relation to the gambling sector, and in particular that related to card game rooms.

The truth is, there have been reports of embezzlement in the card game industry. The latest conviction of the Californian prosecutor is the expression of integrity in this area.

The California Gaming Association points to the danger

This measure does not make the carrots of the operators of card game rooms. The California Gaming Association (CGA) is the primary advocate for the latter. For this association made up of 72 operators, the measures proposed by the BGC will be likely to destabilize the gambling sector, but also the economy in general.

For the CGA, the measures of the BGC will have a major social and fiscal impact. For the first case, the association notes that thousands of jobs will be lost. For the second, these measures will create a huge loss of revenue for the State of California on the tax level. The CGA suggests that nothing be changed. But the final decision is not for now. The California Bureau of Gambling Control has announced that interviews will be held until December 18.

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