Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Test coverage with Hapao

Vanessa Peña is an undergraduate student in computer science at University of Chile and part of Hapao team.

Alexandre Bergel use Pharo for research in software engineering, quality and understanding at University of Chile. Contribute to Mondrian, Moose, XMLSupport, Spy.

They show us Hapao, an innovative test coverage tool implemented in the Pharo Smalltalk programming language. You will see how they analyse the ProfStef interactive tutorial, increase test coverage and commit their contribution to SqueakSource.

You may want to look at Document with HelpSystem screencast to understand how ProfStef HelpSystem book is built.

The video is part of PharoCasts with Experts serie. It weights 1.2 GB and you can get it from vimeo page.

View mobile version.


  1. Alexandre, nice video. The Hapao tool is amazing. By the way, is the video software something built in Phar or is ad-hoc? Regards, Carlos

  2. We use skype for video chat and teamviewer for screen sharing.


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