Saturday, April 16, 2011

Debug Cog VM

First video of PharoCasts with Experts serie.

Mariano Martinez Peck is a PhD student between Ecole des Mines de Douai and INRIA RMOD team. He is the main developer behind SqueakDBX and GlorpDBX, maintainer of Metacello Configurations of official Pharo images.

Now also Cog VM hacker, Mariano explains in a 1h30 HD video:

This screencast matches these posts from Mariano's blog: part1, part2.

Eliot Miranda, main developer of Cog VM, has also written nice posts on his blog.

The video weights 2.2 GB. You can get it from vimeo page.

Note: about the print that doesn't work at the end of video, Mariano told me later:The problem was that I evaluated from workspace and evaluating stuff from workspace is hackky becase the Compiler is used. If I do the same from a method, instead of a workspace, it works

View mobile version.

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