Sunday, March 6, 2011

Build a XML browser

Watch this to learn how to:
  • get and parse XML
  • use Polymorph to build a GUI with a tree and text editor
  • add a button in Pharo IDE to open the XML browser
  • control when your breakpoints will trigger
Done using Pharo 1.2 (not released yet). You can download last build from the Continuous Integration server.

Update: Tudor Girba created a counter part demo for the browser building part using Glamour (browsing engine that ships with Moose).

Download screencast (1280x800): .mov 77 MB

View mobile version.

More Polymorph in Pharo GUI with Polymorph and Picasa screencast.

Get the code:
Gofer it
 squeaksource: 'Pharocasts';
 package: 'XML-Browser';
(Smalltalk at:#XMLBrowser)


  1. As currently configured, this project won't work without some additional classes in a fresh 1.2 image.

    Attempting to run:

    (Smalltalk at:#XMLBrowser) browseAtUrl:''.

    Gives this result:


    triggered by:

    xmlElements := {XMLElementItemWrapper with: (XMLDOMParser parse: aXMLString) document root}.

    Missing the XMLDOMParser class.

  2. Where did you get Pharo 1.2 ? Works for me with

  3. I was using a Pharo-core image.
    Pharo1.2rc2,Latest update: #12340
    that I downloaded 3/5/11. I'll get the zip file you suggest.

    If you want to, just delete this message thread, it's probably no use to anyone else.


  4. You can load XMLSupport into PharoCore1.2 with:

    Gofer it
        squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
        package: 'ConfigurationOfXMLSupport';

    (Smalltalk at:#ConfigurationOfXMLSupport) project latestVersion load.

  5. Cool video Laurent. Thanks a lot. For me that I am a UI newbie I learnt a lot


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