Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to contribute to Pharo

Learn how to:
  • choose an issue to fix from the Pharo issue tracking
  • create and send a slice with your fix
  • add entries into the World Menu

Code must be sent as a SLICE named SLICE-Issue-xxxx-description. Patrick Barroca and Stéphane Ducasse have added a +Slice button in Pharo 1.1 to ensure this convention.

For more informations on the contribution process, read How to contribute on Pharo wiki.

Here I show how issue #2582 (Rearrange WorldMenu) has been fixed, based on WorldMenu registration chapter in the Pharo CollaborActive book.

UPDATE: Thousand thanks to Christoph Budzinski who recorded his voice on the screencast.

Download screencast (800x600): .mpeg 9.5 MB, .mov 22.7 MB

I keep the former screencast as it shows RealEstateAgent which controls how windows appear on screen.

Download screencast (800x600): .mpeg 15.8 MB, .mov 18.2 MB

Recorded with Stéphane Ducasse who can eat an ice cream and a big waffle with chocolate at the same time.


  1. Not ice cream sorbet :).
    Great screencast!

  2. Still not have the courage to record sound :) But if someone wants to record his voice on the video, cool !

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