Sunday, May 9, 2010

Build Squeak VM on Linux

This screencast is based on dedicated chapters in the Pharo collaboratorActive book

See also the following tutorials:

and of course the official install guide from

Download screencast (800x600): .mpeg 13.4 MB, .mov 28.4 MB

Voice recorded by Christoph Budzinski.

The last version of ConfigurationOfVMMaker is 1.3. You need revision 2202 of squeakvm source. Note that FT2Plugin (for antialiased fonts) is built with this version.

If you want to build Alien plugin (untested), you have to use ConfigurationOfVMMaker 1.4 with squeakvm revision 2203 at least.

The fatest way to build squeakvm on Linux is to use easy_squeakvm script, which automate all steps shown in this screencast.

There's also an Alien branch.

To checkout the trunk from Squeakvm Subversion repository(here rev. 2202):
svn co -r 2202

or get the official release from

To load ConfigurationOfVMMaker 1.3 in Pharo:
Gofer new
(ConfigurationOfVMMaker project version:'1.3') load.


  1. Great! Took me a while to fix the FreeType stuff... but it worked! (on Ubuntu 10.4). Thanks! This is a nice effort and helps a lot to newbies like me.

  2. The screencast is somewhat outdated now, things moving fast :)

    Now you can use (ConfigurationOfVMMaker project version:'1.3') which fix automagically FreeType stuff.

    You can also use easy_squeakvm


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