Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seaside blog

Follow this screencast and write a basic blog with Seaside 2.8.
  • use WAFileLibrary to store your CSS style
  • embed components in your application
  • write a form to edit a post.
Don't forget to read Dynamic Web Development With Seaside !

Download screencast (800x600): .mpeg, 51.4 MB, .mov, 105.9 MB

Load the source code:
Gofer new
     squeaksource: 'Pharocasts';
     package: 'SeasideBlog';

Start the server and register Blog as application:
WAKom startOn: 8080.
Blog registerAsApplication: 'blog'

Load Seaside 2.8 in Pharo:
Gofer new
        squeaksource: 'Loader';
        package: 'Loader';

Loader new
        load: 'Seaside28' version: ''

You can also download a Pharo with Seaside image here: http://seaside.st/download/pharo


  1. Are these encoded with something special? I've tried downloading directly from your site, as well as the click through to Vimeo, and none of the files are playable on my Mac for some reason. Looking forward to watching these but I'd really like to be able to download them too...

  2. Great video! This is what Seaside needs to acquire web developers to check it out.

    By the way, would it be hard to change the blog language to english to address a wider range of users? :)

    -Peter Osburg

  3. @Pat
    I've just tried to play videos on a OSX Tiger. Playing through Vimeo works (Adobe Flash 9) but Quicktime player can't read the downloaded mpeg video (VLC works).

    What is your exact configuration ?

    I will try to provide the video in another format (but I'm newbie in video encoding)

  4. @liquidid Good idea, but I don't know how to do it with blogger. May be you can open pharocasts-de which is a copy in German of this blog ?

  5. @Laurent, tu peux changer la langue dans l'admin: "Paramètres/Mise en forme/Langue" ;)

  6. @François cool merci ! Je viens de m'apercevoir que j'avais mal compris le commentaire de liquidid...

  7. @Pat does this one works ? http://lolgzs.free.fr/pharocasts/basic_ui_building2.mov

  8. Yep works great thanks! Hopefully you get a chance to release the others in .mov as well. Thank you


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